Winter months, December to April, it is best to call - reduced staff - reduced hours

THE FAQ's and small Print


You have questions? We have answers!

Q: Do we need to wash the dishes?

A: No!! We do that here in our facility, PLEASE DO - Scrape food from plates and empty drinks

Q: Do we need to wash linen?

A: PLEASE DO NOT wash our linen, we have a team of linen experts to do that! However, if your linen gets wet in the storm, or if red wine and other stains happen,  please hang it to dry before putting into bags - wet linen = moldy linen = you will be charged

b/ PLEASE DO NOT wrap leftover food in our linen!! (yes, we need to say that) Please shake food chunks, crumbs, pens/pencils, confetti, etc... off before returning. 

Q: Can we pick up our rentals?

A: YES! you certainly can in most cases, please make sure you have vehicles which are large enough. Some items may need to be secured properly, it is your responsibility to bring your own tie downs/ straps. Elite Party Rentals is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any loads not properly secured. 

Q: When can we expect our rentals to be delivered?

A: Every situation is different.  We love to get them to you the day before your event, we do our best to get weekend events delivered on Friday'. In SOME cases, we are able to deliver Thursday. We do our best to get it to you early, but do not guarantee it. 

Q: Do you set our rentals up for us?

A: No, sorry, we do not offer set up or tear down EXCEPT for Harvest Tables. You must have all rentals ready for us to pick up by 9:30 the following day. ie: if your party is on Saturday, please have everything ready 9:30 am Sunday. We start by 9:00 am and go until we are done, so there is not exact schedule for pickups. You could be first on the list, or last.

Q: I have a question not answered here

A: Ask us anything, we are here to help!

How do we work the equipment?

How to work the ovens, bbq, deep fryers,  tents, etc. Take a look below for a video to help you with the equipment. 

We will be downloading more videos as we get them. Not sure how to work something? Google is a good tool for some products, or if it is during our regular business hours, give us a call. We can help!



How to - Deep Fryer

Not sure how to work our fryers? Watch this video, instructions start at approx 1:00:00 into video

How to - BBQ's

Please be sure to fill water pan(s) before cooking. Please scrape your grill as you go and burn off excess food before returning.

How To - 10 x 10 Pop Up Tents

Check out this great video from our Manufacturers to set up the 10 x 10.